Did You Know That PVC is Toxic?

Tens of millions of PVC inflatable products are produced each and every year.  And Vinyl chloride, the primary ingredient of PVC, is in fact a known carcinogen according to the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).   And, even worse, PVC becomes toxic to the environment when disposed of in landfills or burned.  Once the material breaks down, harmful chemicals are released into our soil and air, and ultimately pass into our water supply.

We Are Sustain and we’re about change

We thought, to reduce both the disposal of PVC products and the production of new PVC products, why not start with recycling?  Why not make these popular inflatable products out of recycled PVC?  And that’s just what we’ve done.  All SUSTAIN products are made from recycled PVC and other environmentally-friendly materials.

We’re Also About Quality

A large percentage of PVC inflatable products are thrown out after only a couple uses.  A common cause for complaints, ruined weekends, and disposal are material punctures caused by sticks, stones and other debris.  To help prevent this, we cleared all the rivers and forests of sticks and stones. We’re kidding.  However, we have made all SUSTAIN™ products extra-strong with a minimum of 10% thicker material than your average air mattress or river tube to keep them lasting long.  

We’re Not About Bells and Whistles

We are about listening to what you want in the type of products we offer.  All SUSTAIN™ products have been thoughtfully-designed to be sized right, with features that compliment modern-day life.  Features such as extra-large cup holders, big enough for Koozies, or dry storage bags for key fobs and cell phones, or universal inflation valves that allow for inflation anywhere.     

Words From Our Founder

We created SUSTAIN for the same reason a lot of businesses are created — we knew we could offer something better.  Better for the environment.  Better quality.  Better features.  Better, well, just about everything.  We hope you’ll enjoy our products to the fullest and help get the message out about the dangers of PVC and the solution SUSTAIN offers.  Together with you, we will be helping protect ourselves and future generations to come—that’s what SUSTAIN means and what we’re truly about.  ~Kyle Mundy, Founder